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  Bali Quick Silver Cruise
  Enjoy to Nusa Penida Island Cruise with Quicksilver. The journey begins at 9 am and ends at 4 pm each day. From the hotel to the port of Benoa, to embark on a journey to enjoy the beautiful wisaata in Nusa Penida. The duration of a trip to Nusa Penida is 45 minutes. During the trip, the crew of Quicksilver Cruise prepares a variety of entertainment and fun games. Even for those who prefer to enjoy the sea and photography can also spend time during sailing to take pictures. The tour boat will be docked at a Mega Pantoon with 2 floors located near Nusa Penida. Various facilities are provided, including banana boat, semi submarine (ship with the base of the glass to enjoy the underwater scenery), waterslide, spa and snorkelling.

Cruise Includes :
Return Transport, Morning /After noon Coffee/Tea &Snack,Snorkeling,Village Tour,Unlimited Banana Boat, Under water Observatory, water slide, Ocean water treatment, semi Submersible vessel, Tropical Buffet, BBQ Lunch.

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